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  • String Coercion and JavaScript Object Keys

    Over the last two posts I’ve been describing JavaScript’s ability to have language key words as object keys. Perhaps surprising to no one is that this is achieved via string coercion. However the coercion isn’t being done by the developer using some shady technique, but by the language itself. Nowhere… Read on

  • Using JavaScript Case Objects for Input Validation

    Building off JavaScript’s remarkable ability to assign protected language values as object keys, we can create input validations using these newfound structures. Starting with our previous function, function secToMinSec(seconds) { var minutes = Math.floor(… Read on

  • Protected Values as Keys in JavaScript Objects

    Partially inspired by reading up on elm and growing increasingly irritated by a number of vagaries of writing JavaScript functions, I ran an experiment. I was so struck, so surprised by it, that I felt I had to share. Run this in your console: var … Read on

Recent Artwork

  • Carmella

    Full Image

  • Tyrannosaurus rex 3

    The third of three dinosaur pictures I drew for my son to color. Not only was this based on the model I made of this animal, but the pose was from a frame in an animation I made from a different perspective. Like the others, it was sketched in… Full Image

  • Chasmosaur 2

    The second of three dinosaur pictures I drew for my son to color. Again, I used the 3D model of this animal I made as a reference and then sketched it out in Painter. Download a printable version of this image if you’d like to color it as well… Full Image

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